HOA Solutions

We have been developing an owner rental program to assist timeshare owners, vacation condominium owners, management companies and Home Owners Associations with offsetting some of the fixed costs associated with ownership. In addition to a core database of hundreds of thousands of renters looking for popular vacation destinations all over the country, we work with an extensive network of global distribution systems to market your property through online travel sites. Your property will be seen by millions of vacationers.

I wish I knew this was available sooner, its nice to not stress about not being able to use my unit... plus I can make a few bucks.

Tom Dalton | Atlanta, GA

Our success has been exciting and continues to grow leaps and bounds! Rental revenue for our owners is 25% higher than last year, and owner enrollment in the program is still climbing. We are currently working with resorts throughout the Southeast, Midwest, Blue Ridge Mountains and New England, as well as the Bahamas and St. Maarten. Our partner base is quickly expanding. Owners are finding that we can solve their delinquent inventory issues and assist with other inventory challenges, revenue management and, in some cases, even purchase bulk inventory, all helping their bottom line!

We are heading for exciting places, and I know that we will help you get where you need to be too. If you fill out the form below, I’ll have one of my partner solution representatives contact you as soon as possible with additional information.


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