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    We've been thrilled with the success we've had with

    Joan and Phillip Threadmont | Concord, NC

    I wish I knew this was available sooner, its nice to not stress about not being able to use my unit... plus I can make a few bucks.

    Tom Dalton | Atlanta, GA

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I expressly authorize Patton Hospitality Management, LLC (d/b/a and Resort Travel & Xchange, LLC to email, call or send me recorded messages or texts about their products using automated technology to my telephone/cellular number I entered immediately above. I understand that I am not required to give my consent as a condition of any purchase. has been developed for timeshare owners as a resource to offset some of the fixed costs associated to your timeshare ownership through a successful rental program. In addition to a core database of more than 100,000 renters to the destinations where your property is located, works with an extensive network of global distribution systems to market your property through multiple online booking and travel sites.

We make renting your timeshare easy… here’s how:

  • Why use to rent your timeshare.

  • Only $10 to get started:

    • We don’t charge you a subscription fee to be listed on our site or an advertising fee to gain the exposure. You will only be billed when your property rents. Our low commission pricing structure makes a Risk Free distribution solution for you to offset the cost of owning your timeshare.

  • Quick:

    • It takes less than 5 minutes to list your timeshare on Your property will   immediately be promoted along with the resort details to hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors to your resort’s destination.’s live booking engine is also well connected. We’ll push your property to millions of visitors through our international online distribution network.  

  • We are in the vacation rental business, period.

    • Unlike many of the other timeshare rental companies you’ll encounter, is a vacation rental company. We don’t focus on selling your timeshare, selling your data or selling you more timeshares. We are in the business solely to offer the best rental options to hundreds of thousands of vacationers each year to the most popular vacations such as yours, and we do it the best.

  • International Online Global Distribution.

    • Because we are a focused vacation rental company, we have established a network of online partners , search marketing strategists and global distribution networks that will ensure the most comprehensive presentation of your property to our target markets. rental network will get your property in front of millions of potential renters searching specifically for vacation condos in your resort’s destination. 

  • Strategic and Competitive Pricing Strategies.

    • Many companies put the pressure on you to price your week or charge you a fee just to ‘appraise the value’ of your week. We are the experts and you get this service as part of being one of our owner renters. Our revenue management staff researches sales trends, tracks demand and analyze historic sales patterns to determine the maximum revenue potential for each unit in our system.  Rather than just renting your unit for the week, we may find that based on the season, demand and popularity of your unit, there is more opportunities for you by breaking up the week in to multiple packages to maximize your rental revenue. 

  • Professional Presentation of your Property.

    • People want to see where they are renting. The presentation of your unit within a professional rental environment is just another feature sets apart from other timeshare rental companies. We know that you don’t have time to take photos, write copy, and create an online presentation just to rent your week. Our professional web and marketing staff does this all for you. All you do is provide the specific details on your unit, season, week, unit type, etc. and we take it from there.

  • A Risk Free Rental Option.

    • Other timeshare rental companies can charge up to $800 just to list and market your week others like will make you pay a membership fee. With you can get your property professionally setup and listed to hundreds of thousand potential renters for only $10. Our commission payment structure is one of the lowest in the industry and if it doesn’t rent, the most you’re out is $10... however, with an overall rental success rate of more than 90%, we are confident that we’ll find a renter for your unit and we’ll be able to add you to the list of satisfied owner renters.

  • Comprehensive and Targeted Marketing Program.

    • Our resort partnership has built a superior database of vacationers who not only have vacationed in the destinations where your timeshare is located, we have a large past guest database of property specific renters that your unit will be presented to across a number of advertising and communication channels. Through regular email communications, search engine marketing, pay per click campaigns, in-resort promotions and direct mail, has built a highly sophisticated marketing program to make your timeshare rental efforts successful. 

  • Endorsed by Resort professionals and developers.

    • When you work with you can feel confident that you’re working with a team of professionals in the vacation rental business. Not only do we have a proven track record with our owner renters through the millions in rental revenue we achieve each year, we have been endorsed by property management, and resort development companies as their preferred rental resource for their owners looking for rental options.

  • Accountability.

    • Part of managing your unit for rent is the accurate tracking and accounting of the revenues that you will earn through Our owner liaison staff will provide you with a complete summary of your properties activity at the end of your rental term. Additionally, if you have any questions throughout the process, we are available for you to get the answers you need.

  • FAQ's

  • I would like to rent my unit, but it's not in your drop down list?

    • Currently we work with a number select properties for where we provide rental service. This list is constantly being added to based on the demand for the destination and the rental units available by owners. If your property is not currently listed, please check back, and we'll notify you as soon as it is available.

  • How long before I receive my payment?

    • Checks will be processed and mailed out 30-90 days after the month containing the last day of your rental week ends.  So if you own a week that starts at the end of June and ends in the first week of July, your rental week will be processed 30-45 days after July 31st.

  • How soon do I need to deposit my week?

    • All rental contracts must be signed and submitted 60 days from the start of your week so has ample time to market your week.

  • Are there any up-front fees?

    • There is a $10 sign-up fee which covers all of the costs to list your units in front of millions of potential customers.

  • Can I use my unit after I sign the rental agreement if it doesn't rent?

    • Once your unit is entered into the system, it will be immediately distributed right up to the day of arrival to take advantage of walk-in traffic. If you decide that you would like to utilize your unit after you sign your agreement and so long as it is not rented, you do have the option to cancel your rental agreement up to 15 days prior to the check-in date for a $45 cancellation fee.

  • How much can I expect to rent my week for?

    • There are many different variables that decide how much your week will rent for, so it can be difficult to give an estimate.  A lot depends on where you property is, what the season is, the check in day for your resort, the cleaning fees that are set up at your resort, the average length of stay at your resort and many others.  For this reason, makes no guarantees and does not provide estimates.

  • How much do you charge when you rent my unit?

    • charges a 40% commission once your unit is rented (plus any applicable cleaning fees that are paid back to your HOA).

      In some instances, your commissions can be automatically allocated to your outstanding maintenance fee payments.